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Forthcoming events


Your attitude, not your aptitude makes the difference.

Team Osgan, invites participants for an outdoor experiential learning boot camp being conducted in the foothills of Dhauladhar, this summer. The activities are designed to “unclutter” the mind, “detoxify” the body and align with one’s “IKIGAI “. The theme of the interventions is to stimulate thoughts on issues like

  • Choosing Between right and wrong.
  • Listening to understand Overcoming Procrastination.
  • Understanding and overcoming Fear.

Camp Dhauladhar is being conducted by a Veteran Colonel, a Yoga Master, and a Serial Entrepreneur. The Camp adheres to international standards in safety, security and hygiene.

Human beings have four unique endowments, which not only separate us from animals, but also help us distinguish between reality and illusion –

  • Self awareness, which enables us to look at our glasses and through them.
  • Conscience , It’s an internal guidance system.
  • Independent will is the power to transcend our paradigms, to swim upstream, to re-write our scripts.and
  • Creative imagination empowers us to create beyond our present reality.

The above notes are part of LEO (Learning from Each Other) series, being launched in this camp.