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Career Resilience Programs

The objective of the Career resilience visits is to provide an insight of the working environment of the organization and also to increase the practical knowledge of the students. During the visits the students get an opportunity to interact with the senior and experienced officials of the organization and know the working methodology and the various practices followed by the employers and gain knowledge about work place environment.
Visits to different working and entrepreneurial organisations to provide a real time interaction.
The aim is help in understanding, of difference between what appears to be and what actually are the challenges in and across the cross section of careers and entrepreneurial opportunities including aspects of social responsibility and work life balance.
The students are taken to training academies, business schools , medical colleges, engineering institutes, manufacturing Industries , rural industries, cooperatives, in a systematic manner to understand self reliance.
The list includes actual work exposure, the boring aspects, the challenges, and the exciting aspects in various professions as well as entrepreneurial ventures.
The list is vast and trips each year are varied starting from, unorganised sectors like construction industry to Entertainment industry , to government sector. The exposure is right from peon to CEO.
These Experiential learning visits give students a major exposure to real working environments along with a practical perspective of a theoretical concept relevant to their domain.
These visits are designed to elucidate the gap between theoretical learning and actual working on ground. This is also aimed at explaining what was described as, “connecting the dots”, by Steve Jobs.